So you’ve come across ClickSure and want to know more about them…

Welcome to my review on the Affiliate Network

As an established affiliate with years of experience in the internet marketing niche, I understand exactly what affiliate marketing is all about.

Firstly, for those who are new to affiliate marketing and may not fully understand what it entails, I promote various different products using various different methods to generate sales. A vendor (or seller) is either a company or an individual person who creates the product that can then be sold on the internet. That vendor will then find websites to host their product with the intention of allowing other people (or affiliates) to promote them. These websites are called affiliate networks and in today’s day and age, there are plenty about.

This process can be supported for almost any type of product that can be bought and sold on the internet. If you do your research, you’ll find endless amounts of companies, big and small, willing to let affiliates promote their offers. Affiliate Marketing has been tried and tested for a number of years, allowing people to make some serious profit. Once the affiliate has made a sale, they will be awarded a commission. The commission is usually a percentage of the price it was sold for, this can range up to 70-75% of the sale price. This makes affiliate marketing extremely valuable to affiliates who are happy to spend their time promoting other vendor’s products. The vendor is also happy to part with a high percentage of the sale price because they are increasing the amount of sales. It’s a win-win situation for both affiliates and vendors. This is why it is so successful.

However, as an affiliate, you’ll need a base. A place where you can go to that includes everything you need. I’m talking about a website. A platform or a network that can provide everything you could possibly need. Now I am a member with the majority of these websites, mainly with just the biggest companies on the internet, so I understand what affiliates need in order to become a success online. Throughout this website, I will be going through the different aspects of the ClickSure affiliate network, assessing their methods, their protocols and their systems to give everyone who reads this an honest review.


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